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Syngularity follows a simple process to help you and your business.

Step 1:  We listen.

Understanding you and your business is critical to the success of any solution we deliver.  We want to know not only what your problems are, but also why it is a problem. 

For example, the statement "We need to upgrade our email system" is not a problem.  It's an assumed solution to a problem.  The problem is "It takes users more than 60 seconds to log into our email server."  The first statement may make sense in light of the second statement, but it also may be completely wrong.  We want to get to the utlimate business problem you have.  Then we can start to solve it.

Step 2:  We determine the business impact.

How big is the problem?  Is it costing you money every day you don't implement a solution?  Does it affect productivity of personnel, or impact the bottomline?  Do you need to solve it so you can better compete in the market place?

By determining the value of a solution, we can help you map out the type of solution that fits your long term and short term goals.  Is a $100,000 solution that solves a $100,000 problem really worth it?  No.  We help you implement solutions that maximize your return on investment.

Step 3:  We work with you to implement the solution.

Collaboration and communication are key to our delivery style.  Business drivers for projects can change suddenly, users may have different ideas than managers.  We supply a delivery strategy that embraces change but contains scope and keeps costs down. We verify at every step that what we are delivering meets all the requirements of the stakeholders.

Customer satisfaction comes from our processes, not luck.

Step 4:  Followup

When a project is complete, we will help you determine your actual return on investment. All too often, this critical step is glossed over or skipped completely.  Determining actual returns is critical for determining project success. 

A corallary to this is also part of the Syngularity philosophy:  We work for people, not just companies.  When a project is successful, we make you look good to your company's management, your employees, and your shareholders.  And when you look good, we look good.  That's the Syngularity difference.



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