Procurement Solutions

An integrated and complete procurement solution can improve any organization's bottom line.  Syngularity eProcurement provides an easy to use web-based system that takes both procurement professionals (buyers) and suppliers through the entire process without hassle.

Buyer Productivity

Your organization's procurement professionals time is valuable.  Help them handle all the aspects of the procurement from the solicitation and advertisement phase to the evaluation and final award.  The system will even integrate with your financial system to ease the process of creating purchase orders and requisitions.

  • All in one systems to handle supplier communication; create email lists, automated updates, and other alerts with ease based on criteria you choose
  • Automate the procurement creation process through simple wizards; improve consistency between bids using templates
  • Automate the bid tabulation process, view procurements and metrics on a centralized dashboard
  • Work on the device of your choice: Desktop, tablet, or phone

Supplier Ease-of-Use

A simple system that makes it easy for suppliers to do business with you means more suppliers bidding on each procurement. We streamline the vendor registration process, including the upload of any required forms and certifications. Then we walk the supplier through the bidding process with a simple clean interface that shows them exactly what you require.

eCatalog Services

For public entities, we offer a supplier-centric reporting site that allows research into existing and historical purchase orders by commodity and service or by organizational unit. This not only satisfies common government transparency initiatives but also improves competition on future procurements opportunities.

Additional Information

Solution Brief

Example Buyer's Guide (Help Documentation - This document plus a Supplier's Guide is customized for your organization and the business rules you've defined.)

Example Supplier's Guide (The public facing side of the eProcurement system will be integrated with your organization's web site branding and look and feel.)

The system may be deployed as either a cloud hosted or on premise solution.

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